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Dog Baby Hoodie
Dog Baby Hoodie
Dog Baby Hoodie
Dog Baby Hoodie
Dog Baby Hoodie
Dog Baby Hoodie
Dog Baby Hoodie
Dog Baby Hoodie

Dog Baby Hoodie

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Product Description

  • Material: Cotton
  • Thickness: Medium
  • Feature: Warm / New Design
  • Cleaning method: Hand wash / Machine wash

Do you have a dog that is really more like a baby? Then get your pet a dog baby hoodie. It is the perfect way to show how pampered your pet really is.

Dogs need warm clothes too. It can get a little chilly for a dog after a hair cut. The dog clothes can help the pet stay warm until he/she get acclimatized to the new do.

There are multiple colors to choose from, from yellow, grey, black or red. And this hoodie is not too bulky so it can easily be packed in a back pack if the dog seems to get cold mid outing. Nothing worse that watching your little pooch shiver.

Dogs often love dog clothes. And they are so easy to keep clean, unlike fur. Just take it off after the day and wash in the machine or give it a quick hand wash. Dressing up for dogs has never been so adorable.

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