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Quack Dog Treat Dispenser Ball
Quack Dog Treat Dispenser Ball
Quack Dog Treat Dispenser Ball
Quack Dog Treat Dispenser Ball

Quack Dog Treat Dispenser Ball

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Product Description

  • Material: Rubber
  • Toy Type: Squeak Toys

Do you have some dog training to do? Maybe your dog will learn better with a new chew toy. Training is hard work, but using dog toys doesn't have to be.

This ball made of rubber will make a quack sound when squeezed. But this quack can also serve as Pavlov's Bell in a sense. The pet will come to associate his special ball with reward. You see, this ball also doubles as a pet food dispenser.

So when you bring out the special toy for play time, your dog will start to listen extra well. And he is doing so because he knows that he will be treated for his efforts.

If you love your dogs but are struggling to train them, this can be an easy solution. Even simple tools like this can help to motivate a dog to learn. Dogs are very smart but a smart toy will help them associate dog toys with learning and fun.

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